Thursday, April 8, 2010

Concept - One >> Low Poly Projection Mapping


A Projection Augmented model (PA model) consists of a physical three-dimensional model, onto which a computer image is projected to create a realistic looking object (Figure 2). Importantly, the physical model is the same geometric shape as the object that the PA model depicts. For example, the image projected onto the objects shown in Figure 3 provides colour and visual texture, which makes them appear to be made from different materials.

Technology has been developed to enhance this illusion by increasing the physical similarity between the PA model and the object that it depicts, or in other words, increasing the fidelity of the PA model. For example, the way in which the specular highlights on an object move as the viewer changes position can be dynamically simulated. This enables a PA model to appear to be made from a wide range of materials. For example, a dull clay vase can appear to be made from a shiny plastic material.



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