Thursday, April 8, 2010

Concept - Five >> Mobile Controlled Interaction


Wave function deformer controlled by remote telephone connection.
This installation is an experiment an fusion of two projects. The first is the control of an artwork or installation via mobile telephone. The reason for the telephone connection as a remote interface is to bypass the location specific sensor paradigm. With the mobile it is possible to achieve interaction that is not localised by 0 to 10 meters range of a standard sensor.

This opens the door for close, mid and long distance interaction with media facades or actuator controlled architecture.The wave function deformer is based on a standard game engine environment. This was chosen as the modern game engine is capable of realtime display and deformation of a large number of polygons per second.

The poster image was achieved by exporting a mesh during game play simulation. Then a noise function was added to experiment with the possibillities of next gen realtime display.



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